This is an on-going list of resources for our class that will be added onto throughout the semester. These programs have been suggested by our class and peers; we are not receiving any funding for listing the following programs:

Open Source Software:

The programs below are free to download and use, and their code is available for everyone to edit, contribute to, critique, fork, etc.!

Creating Digital Projects: Twine -- 'an open-source tool for telling interactive, nonlinear stories' developed by Chris Klimas, Twine is often used for creating hypertext projects, but it is not limited to this form. The sky is the limit. Twine uses its own language that is similar to HTML; it also uses CSS. Runs on: GNU/Linux, Mac, Windows. Ren'Py -- This software is intended (per its original author) for the creation of visual novels, but like Twine, you do not need to use this format. Ren'Py will require knowledge of Python to use. Runs on: GNU/Linux, Mac, Windows.

Image Editing: GIMP --The GNU Image Manipulation Program, not the other gimp :) This program is often compared to Photoshop. GIMP works well with many popular digital drawing tablet brands as well. Runs on: GNU/Linux, Mac, Windows.

Word Processing, Reading: Calibre -- an open source, community projected begun by Kovid Goyal, Calibre is often used to help people organize their ebooks. Useful for your collection of .pdfs, .epubs, etc.; Calibre syncs to ereaders as well and there is a large, user-made selection of plugins as well as an active developer community. Runs on: GNU/Linux, Mac, Windows.

LibreOffice -- the open source alternative to the Microsoft Suite. May take some getting used to if you're accustomed to Word, but this is a great alternative. Runs on: GNU/Linux, Mac, Windows.

Productivity/Studying: Super Productivity -- A dynamic desktop to-do list that includes timers if you need them. Runs on: GNU/Linux, Mac, Windows.

Communication: Element -- Previously An open-source alternative to Slack and Discord, its aesthetic appearance and function is very similar to the two. Element is part of the Matrix open source framework. (click here to view more open source chat alternatives using the Matrix framework). Runs on: GNU/Linux, Mac, Windows.

Programming: Homebrew -- if you really want to get into programming and are using the Mac OS, Homebrew is a must-have: it is a package manager that helps with the installation of other forms of software. Runs on: GNU/Linux, Mac

How to find more resources: Search GitHub. Often it is useful to type in keywords such as the program(s) you are using to see what people have made for the programs. For example, Cradle integrates Twine into Unity projects. Please read the notices carefully so you do not infringe on anyone's copyright when distributing content you made using someone else's creation.



Accessing the required texts:

Brandeis students: The required texts are available through the Brandeis library, physically and digitally. You can access the digital text by using your Brandeis log in credentials on Latte.