Course Documents

Coalition Charter: Ethics Statement

Race before Race Class Accessible Syllabus


Part 1

Th. 9/3: Digital Literacy

On misogynoir: citation, erasure, and plagiarism by Moya Bailey & Trudy


T. 9/8: Introduction to Race and Premodern Critical Race Theory

Playing In the Dark by Toni Morrison

Venus in Two Acts by Saidiya Hartman

Be Not Afraid of the Dark: Critical Race Theory and Classical Studies by Shelley P. Haley


T. 9/15: Color and Material Culture

Racial Formation in the United States by Omi and Winant


Th. 9/17: Color and Material Culture

Beauty and the Beast of Whiteness: Teaching Race and Gender by Kim F. Hall


Part 2

T. 9/22: Early Theories of Foreignness, Origins, and Genealogies

Race: Antiquity and Its Legacy (Ancients & Moderns) by Denise Eileen McCoskey

Black Odysseus, White Caesar: When Did "White People" Become "White"? by James H. Dee



For all other readings at this time, please refer to the syllabus available on LATTE.